Welcome, I suppose…

… I should say, now that you’ve been unfortunate enough to stumple upon this desert of a blog.

My experience with blogging so far has been on Blogger.com, where I have several blogs of organized confusion – and a photoblog, which hasn’t been updated, respectfully put, in a while (same situation as in when Josh Groban promises to update his blog again “soon”: Stock up on canned goods if you bother waiting up – he’s been swallowed by Twitter!).

Personally, I’ve been swallowed by Facebook, and in periods by Twitter (that’ll be the periods you’re waiting around on Facebook, wondering where I went – if we’re connected, that is). But in the end, I miss a blog that is more of an organized blog than just combining status updates, photos, and Notes on Facebook. Face works more as a social networking site – as it set out as – to me. Not only is it a place where I can hear myself talk, rant, and rave more than usual, but it’s also more of a homepage to people who may not be connected to me on Face (but of course also to those who are). And it’s better organized. I love it.

Anyway. Welcome!