RE-BLOG: What I wish My College Professors Would Have Taught Me: Group projects can be completed alone. (via Bennis Inc)

I couldn’t agree more on this.

I remember when I was applying for university – the director of my gospel choir suggested that applied for University of Roskilde.

This might require a bit of explanation if you don’t know that university. The thing is that it’s different than your average university, at least in Denmark: it starts with a basis of whichever faculty you choose to study; be it humanities, science, or social studies, which will take you a couple of years before you can go on study on the specific study you want to focus on.
Another thing is that they have a major focus on group work. Every time you have to do a project – which is another thing they focus on: working on projects instead of regular lessons – you have to divide into groups, which can take up to a week, I’m told.

When the director suggested that I applied for University of Roskilde, I could have laughed as easily as I could have groaned and booed her out of the room. She seemed to think that I would fit right in there – but based on the very group work, I think she’s wrong. This I base on my experience from secondary school, where group work was also used. And we’re talking Higher Preporatory Exam here, a form of secondary school where you supposedly are an adult, somewhere else in your life, and more responsible (I was 25 when I graduated).

An experience that really stood out was when working on a science project. We only had a few days to complete it, and apparently I ended up in a group with a couple of the guys in my class who couldn’t get up in the morning. This meant that I met at 8 AM with a considerable lack of sleep (from staying up late to study and finish something for the project, if I remember correctly). The next member of the group showed up arund 9, and the boys showed up around 10 – and that was after me setting them straight (oh, bless the invention of cellular phones).

We did manage to finish the project. And I am a loner as it is. But working in groups like that doesn’t make my “love” of working in groups any better.

What I really prefer is that one does have a study group, but just to play off of, go to for help if one is stuck. I myself have very little patience left when it comes to waiting for the work of others in order to move on, and to be truthful, I don’t have the nerves to have people waiting for mine to move on – and in the end have a, well, somewhat coherent end result.
Sure, it might require a little more time to do such a project on one’s own, and/or the institution of education should ask for less pages, but nevertheless – group work isn’t for me, either.

What I wish My College Professors Would Have Taught Me: Group projects can be completed alone. There are some things that can and will never be taught in the classroom. Maybe it’s because those topics are seen as too radical or have been flagged as a lawsuit risk, but truly these are the missing pieces of wisdom that leave many college grads as an incomplete puzzle with still much to figure out in the real world. In the spirit of Back-to-School, this will be a 5-part series exploring the top lessons I wish would have been included in my ow … Read More

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Follow Friday #6: Josh Groban

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Okay, so I thought I would have done a political FF as my next move – but then I came across the front page of Twitter, revealing yet another laughable tweet from my favorite mainstream big shot proffessional scribbler, warbler, and ivory tickler all-in-one these days, Josh Groban (of course, my not-so-mainstream ditto is Anders Filipsen).

When it comes to blogging, Josh has a tendency to vlog when there are more than one thing to mention – and not only does he upload the video to his Vimeo vlog, but he adds it as a blogpost as well (thus I don’t add the link to his vlog around here, unless I have to link to a specific video (say, if I need to point out something about stocking up on canned goods – and you’ll only have to see the first 23 seconds to get it)).

You can find his blog at

And yes, you can also find him on Twitter. Go to @joshgroban to follow him.

Twitter topic for today…Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution. GO! <runs behind wall made of 140 bricks or less>
about 3 hours ago via web
Source: @joshgroban

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Follow Friday #2: Comic Strips and Music!

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I thought I’d try to pick up on Follow Friday again, since I’ve been trying to pick up on Music Monday – and let’s face it, I could use something steady to keep up the blog. And not to worry, I’ll try to simplify it a bit so I won’t give away as much info/take so much confusing space as I did on the first Follow Friday.

Since the last time we spoke, I have finished listening to all of the podcasts of De Sorte Spejdere – so although I might just be thrown into fits of laughter once more if listening to them again, there is nothing new – only repeats. So I have been jumping the internet source of my podcast software – plus re-visiting to download the podcasts of a few more programs after listening to the radio. I have also been adding a few individuals to my list on Twitter. Hopefully you’ll like the ones I picked!

The podcast I would like to introduce to you is Best of MySpace, a show made as a podcast by iCast and hosted by Gill Mills.
It’s made to make the way through the MySpace jungle easier to get through, as you don’t have to stop and smell all the flowers on the way. Gill has, with the help of the listeners, picked the most colorful and less smelly of them for you (which does ends up, as she admits, as a very subjective list of artists and songs – but what the heck, so do my Follow Fridays and Music Mondays).
As a last note, I might add that this podcast might speak more to the rockfans in the audience – although she does throw in a bit of hip-hop and R’n’B now and then – but give it a chance anyway. You may be surprised.

(And no, I can’t promise I won’t be using this podcast as a part of Music Monday in the future! But let me just get properly into it, and then see.)

In the Twitterverse, I have come across Hammy the Squirrel (@Hammyhimself). You probably remember him from Over the Hedge (there’s a Hammys through History-thing going on right now – you can go subscribe to Over the Hedge as a daily comic). “Hammy” sends out cute, funny, and at times philosophical statements – like one of my favorites so far:

Today is the the beginning of the ending of the start of the finish of the opening of the closing of forgetting what I was remembering.

“Over the Hedge” is made by Michael Fry, who I’m also following on Twitter (@_MichaelFry) where he is sending out comments and updates on blogposts, and T Lewis.

Plus, of course, the two of them have a tendency to retweet each other.

The blog I’m mentioning today is actually that very blog of Michael Fry. The blogposts with the Over the Hedge-strips aside, I remember one specific blogpost in particular – How to Lose Weight – where he describes the Mike Fry diet and concludes:

Eat less. Exercise more. Listen to your wife. Savor your treats.

It should only take another ten years to lose the other twenty pounds.

I have no idea what will come up next week. Yet again, I can imagine it having something to do with music, languages, and travelling. Maybe even photography. I have no idea!

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