Unna L. Wildt
Stud.mag. i dramaturgi ved Århus Universitet.
Student of dramaturgy at Aarhus University.

If you can’t find what you were looking for, you might not be meant to have it anyway. But if you are (and you just lost it – what’s that all about, anyway? ;D), you can send me a mail, send me a message through one of the social networks I’m in, or leave a comment/reply below, including a mean of reaching you (e-mail, snailmail, phone…).

If you want to quote me on something, send a pingback/trackback – otherwise known as crediting and notifying me where credit’s due.

If you want me to work/do something for you, go right ahead and contact me. I hardly leave any bitemarks.


Social Networks
Twitter: @UnnaWildt

My main principle on Facebook is that I’m only friends with those I actually know from real life – or those I’m certain I know well online (if you want to be sure that I recognize you, you can send a message along with the friend request, explaining who you are). I prefer not to be facebooked with my present/future bosses, teachers, et cetera.
On MySpace, I have a tendency to deny half the requests I receive without checking them out – I usually can’t remember all the bands from one another anyway – so if it’s a matter of huge importance (besides getting a huge fanbase), please leave a note along with the request here as well.

Other Blogs
Blogger (Blogspot):

There is a list of all of my deserted blogs on my Blogger – this used to be my main blog. I will add the blogs to the present list if I revive them.

Please follow the link to get in touch with the given company, organisation, et cetera.
Church lifeFolkekirkenGellerup KirkeBrorsons KirkeKirkeasylDSUKThe United Methodist ChurchMetodistkirken i DanmarkJerusalemskirkenRevelation Gospel ChoirPoliticsSocialistisk FolkepartiSocialist People’s Party (Denmark)Socialistisk Folkepartis UngdomYouth of the Socialist Peoples Party (Denmark)VolunteeringProjekt GjæstebudWorkStenurtenFolkekirkens NødhjælpDanChurchAidRandstadDOK ProductionEducationÅrhus UniversitetAarhus UniversityKøbenhavns UniversitetUniversity of CopenhagenFrederiksberg HF-kursusAkademiet for Utæmmet Kreativitetabout schools of productionHotel og RestaurantskolenCopenhagen Hospitality CollegeBrandbjerg Højskoleabout Danish folk high schoolsJohannesskolenFrederiksberg UngdomsskoleBernadotteskolen

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