RE-BLOG: Caffeinated Ambrosia: Or How This Blog Runs on Coffee

Found this among the Freshly Pressed when I logged onto WordPress. Couldn’t have said it better myself, and the comments are huh-LA-rious!

Been on a decaffeination quest mysef, but became too grumpy to exist. So back on the wagon I was – and stil am!


My proclivity for drinking coffee stems from an innate hatred of mornings. I like the nightlife; I like to boogie – so while most people are bounding out of bed yipping about sunshine and lollipops in  super-chipper voices, I’m calling the alarm clock a filthy name, hoping I don’t break yet another snooze button. 

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RE-BLOG: Saying Hello: A Guide for Beginners (via studentdesignblog)

… Or at least make and keep eye contact and smile back!…

Saying Hello:  A Guide for Beginners Okay, fellow runners:  What’s up with the not-greeting-each-other thing?  I see the same ten or twenty people in the exact same places along the trail by my house every single morning, and so naturally I say hello to them every single morning.  And still some of them literally squirm with discomfort when I do.  What’s the problem here?!  My head is very simple on this count, and I’m thinking, “You’re a runner! Cool, so am I! Let’s be friends!”  A … Read More

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RE-BLOG: What I wish My College Professors Would Have Taught Me: Group projects can be completed alone. (via Bennis Inc)

I couldn’t agree more on this.

I remember when I was applying for university – the director of my gospel choir suggested that applied for University of Roskilde.

This might require a bit of explanation if you don’t know that university. The thing is that it’s different than your average university, at least in Denmark: it starts with a basis of whichever faculty you choose to study; be it humanities, science, or social studies, which will take you a couple of years before you can go on study on the specific study you want to focus on.
Another thing is that they have a major focus on group work. Every time you have to do a project – which is another thing they focus on: working on projects instead of regular lessons – you have to divide into groups, which can take up to a week, I’m told.

When the director suggested that I applied for University of Roskilde, I could have laughed as easily as I could have groaned and booed her out of the room. She seemed to think that I would fit right in there – but based on the very group work, I think she’s wrong. This I base on my experience from secondary school, where group work was also used. And we’re talking Higher Preporatory Exam here, a form of secondary school where you supposedly are an adult, somewhere else in your life, and more responsible (I was 25 when I graduated).

An experience that really stood out was when working on a science project. We only had a few days to complete it, and apparently I ended up in a group with a couple of the guys in my class who couldn’t get up in the morning. This meant that I met at 8 AM with a considerable lack of sleep (from staying up late to study and finish something for the project, if I remember correctly). The next member of the group showed up arund 9, and the boys showed up around 10 – and that was after me setting them straight (oh, bless the invention of cellular phones).

We did manage to finish the project. And I am a loner as it is. But working in groups like that doesn’t make my “love” of working in groups any better.

What I really prefer is that one does have a study group, but just to play off of, go to for help if one is stuck. I myself have very little patience left when it comes to waiting for the work of others in order to move on, and to be truthful, I don’t have the nerves to have people waiting for mine to move on – and in the end have a, well, somewhat coherent end result.
Sure, it might require a little more time to do such a project on one’s own, and/or the institution of education should ask for less pages, but nevertheless – group work isn’t for me, either.

What I wish My College Professors Would Have Taught Me: Group projects can be completed alone. There are some things that can and will never be taught in the classroom. Maybe it’s because those topics are seen as too radical or have been flagged as a lawsuit risk, but truly these are the missing pieces of wisdom that leave many college grads as an incomplete puzzle with still much to figure out in the real world. In the spirit of Back-to-School, this will be a 5-part series exploring the top lessons I wish would have been included in my ow … Read More

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RE-BLOG: I speak Disney (via Ana Naddoush)

Well, Hakuna Matata, I suppose.

I speak Disney Kenyan observations #9 So I had to come to Kenya to realize that I have been deceived throughout my childhood. There I was, a little naive girl who loved Disney movies (and now I am a big naive girl who loves Disney movies – but that is beside the point) – and who more than anything else loved the characters of The Lion King. I absolutely loved Simba and his pals Timon and Pumba and I was amazed by Hakuna Matata (and had the song and lyrics laser … Read More

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RE-BLOG: Please Excuse the Pointing Gentile (via Twist365)

I remember when I was in France once a year; it was a thing my theater school had – an annual tour down to the Festival OFF in Avignon. Having our base in another small town (Sommières), I was wandering through the streets on my own. I ended up by a bakery and felt like a croissant. I mean, how hard could it be to order a croissant in French? (at that point, I was already getting over the fact that they didn’t speak a word of English, let alone other languages than French.) So I did – and I did it politely (mais oui: “Un croissant, s’il vous plaît.” That simple. And my pronounciation ain’t half bad).

What I can’t remember is how many times I had to repeat myself. But I had to repeat myself – several times! The woman behind the counter just looked confused and and asked, “Quoi?”. Then I pointed to the pile of croissants, and she exclaimed: “Aaaah, un croissant!” Oui, madame! Merci!

Enjoy the post.

Please Excuse the Pointing Gentile The girl at my local bakery gave me a nasty attitude yesterday. I don't typically wander into bakeries, so when I do I expect them to be full of wonder and delight.  Pastries are happy.  Always.   In fact, when I began to daydream in the middle of the workday about the possibilities in store for me there, I pictured dancing jelly donuts, danishes, and beau … Read More

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RE-BLOG: I sometimes eat breakfast after 11, and I’m a human being. (via Spit and Spirits)

It’s been a while – so sorry!

I’ve been accepted to Aarhus University, so I’ve been busy dealing with moving and starting my very first semester of studying dramaturgy. I won’t promise anything, but I hope to be back soon!

I found this one on the Freshly Pressed page – and I do agree. I’ll have to respond properly to it later, though.

I sometimes eat breakfast after 11, and I’m a human being. I love breakfast, I really do. The thought of having a heaped plate smelling of bacony, eggy, tomatoey, grill greasy goodness really gets me searching for my undies. Even more so if I’ve had a big night and can’t quite remember if I ate dinner or actually did manage to stop for pizza on the stumble home. Either way, I love it, I really do. I … Read More

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RE-BLOG: The World Would Be a Better Place If… (via Quiet Rebellion. . .)

Wow. Yes. Wonderful – now I don’t have to spend x number of hours writing out the twin of this blogpost!

The World Would Be a Better Place If... We could just accept each other. If we could all just embrace the idea that we are the same in that we have differences, that we are unique individuals, each with something to share, then the world would be much better for it. Lack of acceptance and a refusal to embrace beliefs and lifestyles that are different than our own cause unnecessary pain and hurt in our society. Those that are different are ridiculed, sometimes causing them to hide their … Read More

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