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My name is Unna – but changing it on April 10th, 2012.
But people call me everything but (unless they’re Faroese, Icelandic, bright foreigners, extremely bright/attentionate Danes, or just heavily indoctrinated over time by yours truly). Why do you think I’m changing it?
I am 28 years old
If I was the dictator king everybody should focus on Matt. 22:34-40 rather than negatively charged passages of the Bible (or anything similar in their respective religion), only be able to buy organic, fairtrade, recycled, and other sustainable products (freeganism might even be the rule rather than the exception), have a block parties and BBQs throughout the summer, playing in the snow and have indoor/fireplace hygge throughout the winter, care well for the Welfare State (left wing style!), and just freakin’ BEHAVE.
My favorite subject in school: Wow… Which school?
Berna: P
Berna – 10th form: P and X
Johannesskolen: German, Music
Copenhagen Hospitality College: English: Wines from the New World 1+2
Frederiksberg HF-kursus: Music, English, Philosophy

My least favorite subject in school:
Berna: Physics & Chemistry
Johannesskolen: English
Copenhagen Hospitality College: Practical lessons in the kitchen (unless Jim Elkjær was the chef/teacher).
Frederiksberg HF-kursus: Religion

In my free time I like to procrastinate.
My favorite color: Blue.
My favorite animal: Cats, horses.
My favorite sport: Basket ball, soccer/European football
My favorite actor/actress: I find that Joshua McGuire did a fantabulous job as Hamlet when I saw the play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre last month.
My favorite singer/band: Jamie Cullum.
The best book I have read: The Harry Potter series, Frank McCourt’s autobiographies.
The best movie I have seen: As my first action movie at age 12, “Batman Forever” is epic in my memory. Equally epic are the LotR Trilogy and X-Men movies. But the best right now must be “Interstate 60” and “Down with Love”.
I really don’t like caviar.
I really like The Daily Show. Watch thisand this. And this. And this.
I would like to travel to London, England and New York City, NY, US of A – those are topping my list right now – but am hoping and semi-planning to do some Interrail-ish thing through Germany, the Netherlands, and England next year.
I dream about working with theatre (if I may dream high, work at the Globe or for Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust) and do photography and travel/staycation/local observational blogging on the side.
When I grow up I would like to be one happy camper girl (sadly, I’m not too fond of camping… 😦 )

Friendbook Page Tag

An old fellow student of mine – we both attended Brandbjerg Folk High School – and someone I also consider to be a friend by now tagged me to fill out a friendbook page online, and I am about to post it.

I didn’t tag anyone at this point, but I thought I would post the questions before posting my “page” – and you’re welcome to fill them out!

It goes like this: You stick in a picture of yourself and answer a bunch of questions. I remember that those who had it would stick in a passport or school photo, but those who didn’t would make a drawing of themselves, something they liked, or something we had in common where the photo was supposed to go. You’re welcome to do so yourself – you could do a small drawing in Paint or another drawing program on your computer and put it up there.

Click here to see my friend’s entry!

My name is…
But people call me …
I am _______ years old
If I was the king everybody should …
My favorite subject in school:
My least favorite subject in school:
In my free time I like to…
My favorite color:
My favorite animal:
My favorite sport:
My favorite actor/actress:
My favorite singer/band:
The best book I have read:
The best movie I have seen:
I really don’t like…
I really like…
I would like to travel to …
I dream about …
When I grow up I would like to be …

M’n eerste blogpost in het Nederlands

Zo… Ik zoll texten vertalen an mijn docent, zo hij wet wie ik ben. Maar ik will graag maar schrijven, omdat ik vind er meer gemakkelijk.

Ik ben frustriert. Frustriert over mijn studie. Omdat ik voel mij niet zo goed als ik mischien ben. Mischien heb ik meer potential als ik denk en voel.

Maar ik kan er niet zien. Special niet an Wondags.
Begrijp me niet verkeerd – ik kan vele voordele zien; ik weet dat er en voordeel is dat wij Nederlands spreken in de les, ik weet dat er een voordeel is dat wij twee Nederlandere in de class hebben, ik weet dat er en voordeel is dat onze docent van België is, en omdat zij alle eigenlijk niet van Denemarken zijn heb ik de voordeel dat ik de Deense texten (voor de vertaling) better begrijpen en uitleggen kan. Maar er is een aber dabei (ja, ik weet: Duits!).

Op en normale Wondag middag ben ik de eigende Deen in de class (wij hebben de docent van België op Wondag middag), en ik ben erg niet zeker op mijn Nederlands. Men zegt dat ik maar zeggen zou als ik niet begrijp iets, maar dat vind ik een beetje moeijlijk wanneer zij een verhitte discussie in het Nederlands over comma’s en de verschillende zinnen van de nieuwe zinnen hebben! Een van de Nederlanders heeft sinds zij twee jaar was in Denemark gewoont, zo haar Deens is als goed als mijn. En in de pausen spreken de Nederlanders en de docent naturlijk ook in het Nederlands.
Ik wil ook graag Nederlands spreken en naar Nederlands luisteren, maar soms ga er te snel; ik voel mij op een zijspoor gezet, als the odd one out. Ik word onzeker, van mijn stuk gebracht, en moe.

Ik heb het Nederlands minder dan anderhalf semester gestudeerd, maar hier zit ik en schrijf mijn erste blogpost in het Nederlands. Na maar één semester begon ik op vaklitteratuur op Nederlands te lezen. Maar nog steeds ben ik onzeker over mijn Nederlands. Dat zou ik niet. Of wat?

This week in retrospect (incl. Brorson’s Rocktour).

Hey all!,

A couple of things happened this week. No major life changes, but just happening enough to make my everyday go up a notch.

First of all, as you may have discovered if you’re following me on Twitter, I’m off on the tour around Denmark with the rock services, one of the trademarks of Brorson’s Church. I’m blogging from the tourbus, and I hope to continue to do so until we’re home safe around midnight between Wednesday and Thursday.

Looking back on this week, I can tell you that I got a response from the Roskilde Festival (you may already have seen the blog entry) – they kindly declined having me as a blogger.

On Thursday, my choir was back after the annual winter break (which is one week off sometime in February in most institutions in Denmark – except for the Universities; “Time off?! What’s that?!” We only have official holidays (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc.), classes, and time for homework (“Sleep?! What’s that?! Where’s mah drink?”)). Sofie, our director, was sick and had a couple of jobs besides us this week, so she rested her voice only to give place for some checking up on where the choir was with the repetoire, letting others do the solos. We had so much fun!
On my way home, I stranded on the local station for longer than expected due to work on the railways. I couldn’t help but curse it all and was about to want to tell someone where to stuff the time I had to wait in the freezing cold – but that was when I discovered that it wasn’t actually freezing cold anymore, but fairly mild. The snow was melting, there was a sense, a smell, if you will, of spring in the air. As Safri Duo’s “Baya Baya” came on my portable music player, life couldn’t be better.

Brorson’s Church had its almost-monthly rock service on Friday night – and as a voluntary at those services, I was there. I was helping out with cooking dinner, reading prayers with one of the employees, and later on bartending.
Maybe I should explain the concept of the prayer at the rock services: You receive a piece of paper in the doorway as you arrive, and there are pens scattered around the seats. People can then write a prayer; ask God about something, say thanks, or something else. The prayers are then collected during the first song the band plays, the two individuals in charge of the prayers then collect them, sort the usable from jokes and tacky ones, and then go back in, and then, according to the plan, read them aloud, have a moment of silence before Our Lord’s Prayer is said.
That night, there were two prayers praying for loved ones who had passed on; one mentioning an uncle and a cousin who had been left without wife and mother, another mentioning a father who had passed on (recently, it seemed). Both prayers were in my pile. All the way back into the church, all the time up to actually reading the prayers, I had no idea how I would react when I stood there, due to losing my own dad five years and almost a half ago. A girl in the front row broke down in tears – and I couldn’t help but think that it was way to early to lose a parent; she was barely a teenager, barely confirmation age (Lutheran confirmation) – and I was 21 when I lost my dad. It was really moving standing up there.

So, now we’re in the tourbus, going around Denmark, visiting churches with the rock service. It’s an annual thing, my second time this year. I’m in the back of the bus, in the salon, where the TV/DVD/X-Box is.
Within an hour of taking off from the Church, we were pulled over by the police. Just routine, but we couldn’t help but joke about it; knives (the law is pretty tight on knives here in Denmark) and illegal aliens (due to the situation with the Iraqis in the Church this summer, having the Reverend in the bus – and the name of the Church written all over the sides of the bus). But the officers never came down to the back, but only checked up front. As I mentioned before, I think it was just a routine check.
Besides that, we had breakfast, a couple of the others have been playing Guitar Hero, and now we’re watching “Spark of Insanity” (Jeff Dunham – YAY!).

Hopefully, I’ll have time for some for writing a Brock-themed Music Monday entry tomorrow – but for now, it’s lunchtime (yes, we made it all the way to Vejle!). Tonight, we hit Odder Church. I’ll check back in later tonight/tomorrow!

TOT ZIENS! Have a blessed Sunday!

Finishing a chapter, putting it up on the shelf – hopefully for later use.

I wrote this a week ago – but never got around to posting it. I just put the finishing touches on it today, and I still think it deserves to be posted.

Finishing a chapter, putting it up on the shelf – hopefully for later use.
Written on Feb. 13th, 2010.

I know, I know – I haven’t updated for a while. I ended up getting stuck with Music Monday and Follow Friday – and finally, with nothing. Well, that’s only partially true, since I have a couple of themes for Music Monday just waiting to happen, and a couple of posts just waiting to be finished (and have been since December).

Anyway – today I finally got inspiration for kicking life into the blog again (let alone the application for blogging at the Roskilde Festival, which will be a part of Music Monday a couple of days from now).
EDIT: A Roskilde Festival-themed Music Monday will be published tomorrow, on February 22nd.

The subject is my church. MY church! My *official* church.

Today was the closing reception of KirkeAsyl (Church Sanctuary/Asylum). It happened in the crypt of Brorson’s Church, where we had cake, coffee, tea, cookies, a couple of speeches – all in all pretty informal, really. As there has been various fairly different groups in KirkeAsyl, I didn’t know everybody personally (besides the Reverend, of course, and mayhaps one more), but of course I recognized some, who (I think) recognized me back. I think I’ll have to tell you that it was an insider arrangement, so it wasn’t necessarily people of the congregation who attended this (I think I was the only one…).

The Reverend, Per Ramsdal, held one of the best speeches I remember him holding, speaking of energy, courage, and commitment to go through with a project of this magnitude, how proud he was/we (employees and volunteers) were of them choosing Brorson’s Church, and thanked the people involved with this on behalf of himself, the Church, and the employees and volunteers of the Church.

Now, I think that only very few know of my entire/exact church history – but it’s kinda long. The short of the long (as we say in Danish) is that I don’t feel particularly Lutheran (albeit I’m certain that I’m a Protestant), but I’m officially a member of the congregation of Brorson’s Church with Per Ramsdal as my Reverend through perish optionality (sognebåndsløsning – litterally: perish bond release; meaning it being by my own decision) because it feels right. Because of intuition.
I became a member of the congregation and a volunteer in the church in the summer of 2008, a little less than a year before the Iraqis moved into the Church. And whatever happened in and what hailed from the Church since that summer just keeps confirming that I made the right decision.

There is no doubt that I’ve ever been more than happy to say that I officially belong to Brorson’s Church. But after the situation with the Iraqis, proud doesn’t quite cover it – but it’s the best and most descriptive adjective around. Not only do I feel both at home and at ease in the Church – I’ve never got to know a church quicker than Brorson’s – but having the knowledge that I’m in a church which parish council so quickly decided to let refugees stay there, a church which Reverend would defend it so stubbornly, and a church with employees, two of them being new at the time, coping so well (I’m sure it ain’t easy for any of them), and with volunteers – both from KirkeAsyl and from the Church itself – adding so much life and support around it makes me walk with my back straight and a lifted chin.

I know we finished a chapter with closing down KirkeAsyl, but as several people have expressed, hopefully we haven’t shut down the network completely. I certainly don’t wish for more people being unfairly deported or any situation needing the kind of reaction the rejections of the Iraqis got, but I would be sad to see a network like this go to waste. Not only because of the sense of community and solidarity, and because we have had some good times together, but also because it will probably be easier to start up new projects and because I find it to be a VERY ressourceful network – and that’s awesome to have at any given time.

The people behind KirkeAsyl are in the process of making a book about this. It will probably be a year or so before we see the finished result, but I’m really looking forward to check it out!

Song/Prayer: “Take Me To That Place”

Since I got the CD “Great Joy” by Kefas Gospel Choir (who is also @ MySpace), there has been one song with the ability to calm me down. Be it the funky/jazzy feel and the café-like sounds of coffee/teacups, glasses, spoons… Or be it the text of the song, which is a perfect prayer when feeling off course.

Take Me To That Place (Hans Christian Jochimsen)

Take me to that place
Where there will be nore more pain
Help me run the race
Lord, I have all to gain
Fill my life with grace
That I may smile again
Take me to that place
Let me hear angels again

Lord, will You take me to that place
Where the angels sing and I can smile again
Take me to that place
Will you take me
I don’t want to wait until I die
To have peace of mind, I need a resting place
Take me to that place
Please let me go back

Take me to the mountain’s top
Take me through the valleys low
If I should give up
Show me which way to go
You know I’ve been there before
Lord, when I first saw Your face
Now I need You more and more
Fill me again with Your grace

Show me how to love again
The way I used to love
Show me how to live again
The way I used to live
Take me to the place
Where I first saw You
I want to be
Where I saw You…

My Grownup Christmas List

I’m still in doubt of whether or not I’ll be posting wishlists around here – but if I end up doing so, here’s a head start:

I initially wanted to find Michael Bublé’s version of the song, but failed – so Clay Aiken will do.

Giv en Ged (Folkekirkens Nødhjælp/DanChurchAid)
Oxfam International
Kristin Davis @ The Rachael Ray show (Dec. 19th, 2007)
Rachael Ray: Kristin Davis and Oxfam (Nov. 28th, 2006)
UNICEF International (find your country’s flag on the right)