Oh, and about the weird headwear…

… I’m a leader in a local group of YMCA. We had a pirate-themed club night tonight.

The Old Town

Sheldon & Leonard

23. marts 2011 – The Old Town

DISCLAIMER: I do not possess any rights concerning the music. Nor am I making any money on this. This is purely a hobby and reproducing good memories. Just sayin’.

My mother came over for my birthday – and among other things, we went to The Old Town here in Aarhus. I had forgotten my digital camera at home, so I used my phone, which is only able to film a few seconds at a time. Furthermore, my phone was running low on power, so I wasn’t able to get as much footage as I’d like. But here’s the result!

Anti-frizz and anti-flu, anyone?

Recorded and published on Saturday, March 19th.

I still have the sniffles (and hair with frizzy tend-… Alright, extremely frizzy hair), but am planning to attend class tomorrow. It’s extremely good to be able to do a comeback in a week with only half the days of classes!