This is just to get down a quick overview – it will probably (or most certainly!) be changed to the better with time.

Unna L. Wildt: Yours Truly

Born March 1983.
Grew up in North/North-Western areas and suburbs of Copenhagen with a family of psychologists and professionals within theatre.
Baptized and confirmed member of Church of Denmark (1998).
Graduated FSA (9th form, 1999), FSU (10th form, 2000), Copenhagen Hospitality College foundation course (Entrepeneur, 2004), and high school (HF, 2008). Other education include folk high school (front page in English) (2002-03), school of production (2005-06), and two semesters of Dutch at University of Copenhagen (further info in Danish).
Received classes and training in music and theater on the side.
Active in SFU and KirkeAsyl (Church Sanctuary).
Volunteer in Projekt Gjæstebud in Copenhagen.
Sang in Revelation Gospel Choir and active in Gospelkirken (Jerusalemskirken) (primo 2005 – medio 2010).
Work experience within subbing (doing dishes and cleaning), theater, and childcare.

Based in Gellerup just outside Aarhus, Denmark, with stints to Copenhagen.
Leader in the local division of YMCA.
Attending Gellerup Kirke and occasionally Kirken på Gaden when in Aarhus.
Attending and volunteer in Brorsons Kirke when in Copenhagen.
Attending Jerusalemskirken when in Copenhagen outside Brorson’s opening hours.
Studying dramaturgy at Aarhus University (further information in Danish).

Hopefully these studies will include a semester or two abroad – ideally in London or New York.
Working as a stage performer, dramaturg, writer, photographer, traveller, or in a church (teaching is only a possibility on the side).

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