♥ Priviledges

I have just been posting four posts in not much more than 24 hours on one of my other blogs, Stage Takeoff – and it suddenly struck me how privileged I have been when thinking back on some of the things I have been reporting on through Stage Takeoff, both the blog and the matching Twitter account. The reason why I have been so active on that blog this time around is that I have been lousy at updating it to correspond to the tweets.

Just having published a post on “Artaxerxes” by Ludvig Holberg and watching Josh Groban’s latest vlog just now reminded me that I attended both the original production of a Holberg play as well as Groban’s first full concert in Denmark. And, of course, there are all the other productions I attended for the past year.

“Artaxerxes” is a play by Holberg that was never produced in Holberg’s lifetime, but came to life for the very first time with the help of Teaterselskabet Pulchra Semper Veritas earlier this year. But I have to admit that the concert back in September left a deeper impression.

Other productions leaving a big impression in the past year are “Hamlet” at Aarhus Teater (don’t get me started), “Oliver med et Twist” at Nørrebro Teater (I want more of this), “Chess” at Aarhus Teater (I dare you to shut me up) – and of course it hasn’t been much more than a year since I saw “Hamlet” at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (I dare you to hold me back). When speaking of “Hamlet”, one certainly shouldn’t forget Kenneth Branagh’s cinematic version that had me surviving two term papers revolving around that very play in one semester. One last thing was the performance of Tue Lindholt in the title role of “Erasmus Montanus” in The Old Town this summer.

I can’t wait to go on seeing more.

As for now, I have one more blogpost and a bit of editing left for Stage Takeoff for today, then I’ll let it be for the weekend.

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