A couple of thoughts on food (#BAD – Blog Action Day)

Food. We all need it to survive – but unfortunately it’s not all who have easy access to this life necessity. This is why I write this blogpost: today is Blog Action Day, an annual day that happened to fall on the same day as World Food Day. This is why the theme of Blog Action Day this year is food. I have been wanting to get some thoughts on food down in writing on this blog – and now would be the chance.

There are so many ethics when it comes to food. Personally I believe that we should be taking care of our planet, the people and other animals on it, and the environment around it all, not just run it down to make money. This may sound saved and hippie-esque – well, it does, doesn’t it? But we should, shouldn’t we? And food and drinks seems to be something of the most obvious to work around to do so.

I’m no angel, though. Although I would love to buy everything organic and fairtrade, I don’t have the money to do so in my present situation. And I like meat a tad bit too much to not eat it. Not that I am entirely a carnivore – I’m an omnivore (just as human beings were initially made to be).
I do admire those who can lead a strictly vegan diet/lifestyle, and I love vegan and vegetarian food when it’s made right (just like every other kind of food; frikadeller, the Danish meatballs, don’t taste right if they’re made wrong either). I just don’t want to lay off meat.

But I do believe in treating animals well. This means that I buy as much of my animalistic products (meat, dairies) organic – and on the rare occasion I buy fish, I go for MSC-certified fish.

A concept I love and think should be a rule rather than an exception should be freeganism. A lot of supermarkets throw out food that is still in a good condition, and some people know how to get to the containers with the disregarded food – and they take the food with them. You who do this: know that I praise you! Everything else is a waste of food.
I remember when I visited London on my own back in 2004 – it was my third time there, but my first trip on my own – I ate at a Pret a Manger. I can’t remember whether it was a sign on the wall or one of those signs at the table, but it said that whatever was left at the end of the day would be given to homeless people. I love that solution as well. I think they still do stuff like that. Dear Pret, know that I praise you for that.

Anyway. I would love to give you some wise words on how to live the perfect, sustainable life with food – but as I said, I’m no angel. The best tips I can give you is to make your favorite food – BUT: try to do it with sustainable products! And google freeganism. Or check GratisMad (in Danish) and TrashWiki (in English).