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My name is Unna – but changing it on April 10th, 2012.
But people call me everything but (unless they’re Faroese, Icelandic, bright foreigners, extremely bright/attentionate Danes, or just heavily indoctrinated over time by yours truly). Why do you think I’m changing it?
I am 28 years old
If I was the dictator king everybody should focus on Matt. 22:34-40 rather than negatively charged passages of the Bible (or anything similar in their respective religion), only be able to buy organic, fairtrade, recycled, and other sustainable products (freeganism might even be the rule rather than the exception), have a block parties and BBQs throughout the summer, playing in the snow and have indoor/fireplace hygge throughout the winter, care well for the Welfare State (left wing style!), and just freakin’ BEHAVE.
My favorite subject in school: Wow… Which school?
Berna: P
Berna – 10th form: P and X
Johannesskolen: German, Music
Copenhagen Hospitality College: English: Wines from the New World 1+2
Frederiksberg HF-kursus: Music, English, Philosophy

My least favorite subject in school:
Berna: Physics & Chemistry
Johannesskolen: English
Copenhagen Hospitality College: Practical lessons in the kitchen (unless Jim Elkjær was the chef/teacher).
Frederiksberg HF-kursus: Religion

In my free time I like to procrastinate.
My favorite color: Blue.
My favorite animal: Cats, horses.
My favorite sport: Basket ball, soccer/European football
My favorite actor/actress: I find that Joshua McGuire did a fantabulous job as Hamlet when I saw the play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre last month.
My favorite singer/band: Jamie Cullum.
The best book I have read: The Harry Potter series, Frank McCourt’s autobiographies.
The best movie I have seen: As my first action movie at age 12, “Batman Forever” is epic in my memory. Equally epic are the LotR Trilogy and X-Men movies. But the best right now must be “Interstate 60” and “Down with Love”.
I really don’t like caviar.
I really like The Daily Show. Watch thisand this. And this. And this.
I would like to travel to London, England and New York City, NY, US of A – those are topping my list right now – but am hoping and semi-planning to do some Interrail-ish thing through Germany, the Netherlands, and England next year.
I dream about working with theatre (if I may dream high, work at the Globe or for Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust) and do photography and travel/staycation/local observational blogging on the side.
When I grow up I would like to be one happy camper girl (sadly, I’m not too fond of camping… 😦 )


Friendbook Page Tag

An old fellow student of mine – we both attended Brandbjerg Folk High School – and someone I also consider to be a friend by now tagged me to fill out a friendbook page online, and I am about to post it.

I didn’t tag anyone at this point, but I thought I would post the questions before posting my “page” – and you’re welcome to fill them out!

It goes like this: You stick in a picture of yourself and answer a bunch of questions. I remember that those who had it would stick in a passport or school photo, but those who didn’t would make a drawing of themselves, something they liked, or something we had in common where the photo was supposed to go. You’re welcome to do so yourself – you could do a small drawing in Paint or another drawing program on your computer and put it up there.

Click here to see my friend’s entry!

My name is…
But people call me …
I am _______ years old
If I was the king everybody should …
My favorite subject in school:
My least favorite subject in school:
In my free time I like to…
My favorite color:
My favorite animal:
My favorite sport:
My favorite actor/actress:
My favorite singer/band:
The best book I have read:
The best movie I have seen:
I really don’t like…
I really like…
I would like to travel to …
I dream about …
When I grow up I would like to be …

Parliamentary Election – finally!


So the Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has called for parliamentary (general) election about 2½ hours ago. The election is on Thursday, September 15th – thus only three weeks from now.

There has been press meetings with both PM Løkke and the leader of the opposition, Helle Thorning-Schmidt of the Social Democrats. Thorning-Schmidt had some beautiful points in her speech, generally centered around finding common ground and cooperating across the middle. There has been comments from a lot of politicians, and I find that the best comments have been from politicians from the left wing.

But there still is mudthrowing. I’m not 100 % certain whether or not it’s because I haven’t followed the news as well as I could, but it seems like several politicians are throwing mud at the opposition, thus making them look bad enough to have the voters not wanting to elect the opposition. But listening to politicians from the opposition, I have heard some of them do the exact same thing. In periods it just seems to be throwing mud and pointing fingers across the board – which is the very reason why I can’t take politics seriously and don’t always trust politicians, even within my own party.

As it is right now, the present government believes that they have the responsible solution for our economy – and the opposition will only leave us in uncontrollable debt. But the opposition seems to think the exact same thing: that they have the responsible solution, and the present government will only ruin us in the end.

I have no idea who is right. I’m not an economist. Personally I think it’s very unpredictable (I find that the most trusworthy understandable/agreeable statement on that point came from Bertel Haarder (V) – yeah, I know, that’s actually a surprise coming from me – that, as I understood him, we can’t know whether to invest now or later, depending on whether the economic crisis continues or not). But I think that the statements and comments from the left wing seem to be the most uplifting.

To those who know me, it’s not surprising that my vote will be placed somewhere on the left wing (thus indirectly to Thorning-Schmidt as the first female PM of Denmark). I agree that we should all take part the load – and those who have more should give more. When the present government made their tax cuts, I suddenly had 500 kr. (≈US $97/GB £60/€67) extra available per month – and that’s a lot to a student. But I would go without them in an instant if it meant paying off national debt and better conditions for those who have less than I do (and remember that taxes in Denmark pay for neat stuff like free education and free health care, thus free visits to the doc and the hospitals).

I genuinely do hope for cooperation across the line – I find that the entire block politics, mud-throwing, finger-pointing thing is ridiculous. It’s seen that two parties of each their color have similar opinions of what to do, and instead of focusing on cooperation, people focus on one party stealing the policy/ideaology of the other. I only have two things:

  1. Socialist People’s Party or The Red-Green Alliance?
    I’m a member of the former, but find that they have moved towards the middle, thus away from where I stand. Populist much? Oh well. At the same time, though, will the Red-Green Alliance get enough votes to matter? I do want to have a leftist PM!
  2. Villy Søvndal as Minister of Foreign Affairs?!
    Villy, honey, you’re the leader of my party, and I have a deep affection for you, but you need to practice your English.

If you want to know what I’m talking about, watch the following video. The speech itself is actually pretty good, and I do think that he gets his point through – but I have seen worse than this (although I’m not certain where).

Where’d My Teeth Go?!

I was just watching TV earlier today – something which is becoming a new favorite of mine: “Markante Meninger” on TV2 OJ (the regional part of TV2 Denmark in Eastern Jutland, including Aarhus and its greater area where I live and study). “Markante meninger” means something like “significant opinions”. Two individuals are invited to discuss a small handful of current subjects – and I find that this is usually done in a pleasent manner. A favorite repeat individual of mine is Lotte Heise, an author and lecturer who is famous for saying a lot in a short amount of time (and being hilariously good at that).

One of the subjects that came up were children’s and teenagers’ teeth being severely damaged from acid which soda and fruit juice contains. There were some explicit photos from Tandplejen (dentists attached to primary schools in Denmark – and let me remind you again that the primary school in Denmark is up to the 9th and optional 10th form), showing teeth damaged by acid, from drinking soda and juice.

Honestly, this is the first time it occurred to me what happened to a specific trade of my teeth. I used to take lessons in horseback riding which included being thrown off by a horse every now and then. At some point, I chipped my tooth in the fall. That can’t be seen today. Granted, it was not much more than a tiny splinter – definitely not as obvious as Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber” – and it has been a few years since then to say the least, but it does squeal about how “good” I have been at choosing water all by myself as a youngster (it didn’t get better until recent years).

The question for debate was what was to be done to avoid these sort of damages to children’s teeth.
I remember the first time I was in secondary school (gymnasiet), I remember there being a vending machine from Coca-Cola in the hallway, and the cafeteria selling sodas from Pepsi. Luckily, as it was pointed out in the program, most schools have removed this sort of vending machines. And Lotte Heise had a good point of giving her children some lemonade for lunch, but then have them drink water the rest of the day (and for that reason, the school cafeteria shouldn’t sell sodas, juice, etc.). She also had a point (as I understood it) with a bottle with a screw cap becoming sort of a nursing bottle (or as I would put it: a sippy cup – but her imagery is better!); you just automatically and mindlessly drink from it – and that not being a problem as long as the contents of the bottle is water; the problem occurs when the contents is soda, juice, etc.

Her opponent had an excellent point in each individual having a responsability for oneself, and I do agree on that part; but I have to agree with Heise that at primary school age, the parents have a responsability as well. Adults know right from wrong, good from bad, and healthy from unhealthy. They have to pass that on to the kids – and no, I don’t think that is done by putting wrong, bad, and unhealthy right there in front of the children’s noses. Then it’s too easy to react to the impulses from one’s reptile brain (lust = “I want”).

I’m not saying that removing these beverages from school compound will stop the students completely – no beverages were sold at my primary school, and as we grew older and had signed consent forms from our parents saying that we could leave school compounds on our own, we could just go to the convenient stores and supermarkets nearby in the longer breaks if we really wanted it – but it’s a start.

Speaking from experience, it’s easy to choose water instead of soda when being used to drinking water. But that’s the thing, you have to be used to it. It has to be a habit. Being an addict of caffeine and lover of sweets myself I know how difficult it can be to make that choice sometimes – and luckily I’m a fan of coffee with access to a coffee machine, places to buy and grind my coffee, and the money to buy coffee. Thus I’m able to kill my desire for caffeine with a cup or two and drink water when thirsty on a daily basis. And again, an addiction is related to habits in my humble opinion – something I don’t really need, but has been incorporated thoughout life.

When Heise spoke of the explicit warnings on packs of cigarettes and suggested that dentists came to the schools to show off the explicit images of what happens when teeth collide with too much acidy matter, I came to think that it might not be a bad idea. Not only do we have school nurses who I remember speaking of overweight with a boy in my class, but we also have sexual education – so why not learn about what bad stuff do to our bodies? I remember the boy being pretty open about his weight (we went to regular chats with the nurse in pairs), people actually being interested, and even the boys engaged in sex ed and saying things properly (like asking serious questions using the word penis instead of bad or everyday words for it), so why not?

Just my two cents.

Edit: Watch the show right here. Just know that it’s in Danish.

RE-BLOG: What I wish My College Professors Would Have Taught Me: Group projects can be completed alone. (via Bennis Inc)

I couldn’t agree more on this.

I remember when I was applying for university – the director of my gospel choir suggested that applied for University of Roskilde.

This might require a bit of explanation if you don’t know that university. The thing is that it’s different than your average university, at least in Denmark: it starts with a basis of whichever faculty you choose to study; be it humanities, science, or social studies, which will take you a couple of years before you can go on study on the specific study you want to focus on.
Another thing is that they have a major focus on group work. Every time you have to do a project – which is another thing they focus on: working on projects instead of regular lessons – you have to divide into groups, which can take up to a week, I’m told.

When the director suggested that I applied for University of Roskilde, I could have laughed as easily as I could have groaned and booed her out of the room. She seemed to think that I would fit right in there – but based on the very group work, I think she’s wrong. This I base on my experience from secondary school, where group work was also used. And we’re talking Higher Preporatory Exam here, a form of secondary school where you supposedly are an adult, somewhere else in your life, and more responsible (I was 25 when I graduated).

An experience that really stood out was when working on a science project. We only had a few days to complete it, and apparently I ended up in a group with a couple of the guys in my class who couldn’t get up in the morning. This meant that I met at 8 AM with a considerable lack of sleep (from staying up late to study and finish something for the project, if I remember correctly). The next member of the group showed up arund 9, and the boys showed up around 10 – and that was after me setting them straight (oh, bless the invention of cellular phones).

We did manage to finish the project. And I am a loner as it is. But working in groups like that doesn’t make my “love” of working in groups any better.

What I really prefer is that one does have a study group, but just to play off of, go to for help if one is stuck. I myself have very little patience left when it comes to waiting for the work of others in order to move on, and to be truthful, I don’t have the nerves to have people waiting for mine to move on – and in the end have a, well, somewhat coherent end result.
Sure, it might require a little more time to do such a project on one’s own, and/or the institution of education should ask for less pages, but nevertheless – group work isn’t for me, either.

What I wish My College Professors Would Have Taught Me: Group projects can be completed alone. There are some things that can and will never be taught in the classroom. Maybe it’s because those topics are seen as too radical or have been flagged as a lawsuit risk, but truly these are the missing pieces of wisdom that leave many college grads as an incomplete puzzle with still much to figure out in the real world. In the spirit of Back-to-School, this will be a 5-part series exploring the top lessons I wish would have been included in my ow … Read More

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