RE-BLOG: Dear #naturalhair friends… (via …go with all your heart.)

For some reason, I just love this one. Heck, I don’t have a ‘fro (did anyone else notice that??…) and I don’t think there are anyone following my blog needing this kind of advice. But somehow I just think this one is too good not to re-blog!

Enjoy (especially if you need advice on how to grow your natural ‘fro)!

Dear #naturalhair friends... Disclaimer: I am NOT a "natural-hair-blogger". This blog's sole purpose is NOT to discuss natural hair, or any hair for that matter. I am nothing even closely resembling an expert. It is just a topic that is important to me, since I'm fairly new in the game. Just had to throw that out there, lol. Yes, I know I talk about hair too much. No, it will never stop. lol. Alright, here we go…. Hey y'all! First off, I've put the fro away for a while…. … Read More

via …go with all your heart.


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