RE-BLOG: Don’t feel bad, models aren’t perfect either! (via lalah-simone)

I was at a friend’s place yesterday, having our weekly “Lost” jam (her not having followed the series as closely as I have, and me having most of the seasons on DVD, we’re going through the series one disc at a time).

Neither of us are as lightweight as we could be – I admit it, but it’s not necessarily something I’d like to discuss. I’m okay with her saying something about choosing a lighter/healthier version of something – I often make that kind of choice myself – but as it does with anyone else, it was grating on my ears when she started speaking more eloquently of it (though I kept my mouth shut as it was in that specific situation, since she was actually giving me a tip from her own experience – something I could actually use).

I forgot about it since, but then I came across this post. Although I’m neither the unedited model nor the ditto Britney Spears (and thank God for that!), the point of the blogpost – especially with the graphics – still calms me a bit.

Don't feel bad, models aren't perfect either! Finally, someone’s taking a stand for normal sized women!  Releasing pictures from a swimsuit shoot, Debenhams showed the ridiculous things they do to models in the name of selling clothes. … Read More

via lalah-simone

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