Finishing a chapter, putting it up on the shelf – hopefully for later use.

I wrote this a week ago – but never got around to posting it. I just put the finishing touches on it today, and I still think it deserves to be posted.

Finishing a chapter, putting it up on the shelf – hopefully for later use.
Written on Feb. 13th, 2010.

I know, I know – I haven’t updated for a while. I ended up getting stuck with Music Monday and Follow Friday – and finally, with nothing. Well, that’s only partially true, since I have a couple of themes for Music Monday just waiting to happen, and a couple of posts just waiting to be finished (and have been since December).

Anyway – today I finally got inspiration for kicking life into the blog again (let alone the application for blogging at the Roskilde Festival, which will be a part of Music Monday a couple of days from now).
EDIT: A Roskilde Festival-themed Music Monday will be published tomorrow, on February 22nd.

The subject is my church. MY church! My *official* church.

Today was the closing reception of KirkeAsyl (Church Sanctuary/Asylum). It happened in the crypt of Brorson’s Church, where we had cake, coffee, tea, cookies, a couple of speeches – all in all pretty informal, really. As there has been various fairly different groups in KirkeAsyl, I didn’t know everybody personally (besides the Reverend, of course, and mayhaps one more), but of course I recognized some, who (I think) recognized me back. I think I’ll have to tell you that it was an insider arrangement, so it wasn’t necessarily people of the congregation who attended this (I think I was the only one…).

The Reverend, Per Ramsdal, held one of the best speeches I remember him holding, speaking of energy, courage, and commitment to go through with a project of this magnitude, how proud he was/we (employees and volunteers) were of them choosing Brorson’s Church, and thanked the people involved with this on behalf of himself, the Church, and the employees and volunteers of the Church.

Now, I think that only very few know of my entire/exact church history – but it’s kinda long. The short of the long (as we say in Danish) is that I don’t feel particularly Lutheran (albeit I’m certain that I’m a Protestant), but I’m officially a member of the congregation of Brorson’s Church with Per Ramsdal as my Reverend through perish optionality (sognebåndsløsning – litterally: perish bond release; meaning it being by my own decision) because it feels right. Because of intuition.
I became a member of the congregation and a volunteer in the church in the summer of 2008, a little less than a year before the Iraqis moved into the Church. And whatever happened in and what hailed from the Church since that summer just keeps confirming that I made the right decision.

There is no doubt that I’ve ever been more than happy to say that I officially belong to Brorson’s Church. But after the situation with the Iraqis, proud doesn’t quite cover it – but it’s the best and most descriptive adjective around. Not only do I feel both at home and at ease in the Church – I’ve never got to know a church quicker than Brorson’s – but having the knowledge that I’m in a church which parish council so quickly decided to let refugees stay there, a church which Reverend would defend it so stubbornly, and a church with employees, two of them being new at the time, coping so well (I’m sure it ain’t easy for any of them), and with volunteers – both from KirkeAsyl and from the Church itself – adding so much life and support around it makes me walk with my back straight and a lifted chin.

I know we finished a chapter with closing down KirkeAsyl, but as several people have expressed, hopefully we haven’t shut down the network completely. I certainly don’t wish for more people being unfairly deported or any situation needing the kind of reaction the rejections of the Iraqis got, but I would be sad to see a network like this go to waste. Not only because of the sense of community and solidarity, and because we have had some good times together, but also because it will probably be easier to start up new projects and because I find it to be a VERY ressourceful network – and that’s awesome to have at any given time.

The people behind KirkeAsyl are in the process of making a book about this. It will probably be a year or so before we see the finished result, but I’m really looking forward to check it out!

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