Music Monday #2: MySpace

On Music Monday this week:
1. Introduction
2. Five Picks
3. Top 5 Most Played Songs on Music Player
4. Drop me a line.

Can’t we just pretend it’s still Monday?

Today, my focus is on MySpace – since I think it’s an excellent place for music (and comedy and whatnot). And no, I don’t think I’ll be focussing on big names already released on big time record labels.

Here are my five picks this week:
Maja Toudal
Maja Toudal is a singer/songwriter with a crystal clear voice. She started writing poetry, making music as a pre-teen and – as far as I’ve understood – she lives and breathes for it.

Nadja Loran
Here’s a girl I remember from being a teenager; back then I didn’t know what would become of her if she didn’t become a singer. She’s bright, intelligent, so I have no doubt she would make it at whatever she puts her mind to, but yet again we have a case of someone wanting something enough – and having the talent to do it.
Personally, I enjoy the sweet attitude and the sense of the Danish term hygge in her music.

Emilie Delance
The first time I heard Emilie sing was at a gospel workshop in Jerusalemskirken back in 2007. The workshop was a joint venture between the adult gospel choirs of Gospelkirken/Jerusalemskirken; Emilie was in one choir, I was (and am still) in another. I was blown away by the depth of her voice, and was thrilled to find her on MySpace – even while she only had that one song up there, and (though also regrettably) continues to have it that way.

Farven Luft
Speaking of the gospel choir I sing in, the director and the pianist of this choir are in a band called Farven Luft (meaning: the Color Air). If asked, I would initially have reacted by describing them af avantgarde jazz, as I know that both Sofie (the director and lead singer) and Anders (on the keys) are into that. But listening to them again, I agree more to the categories they have put on MySpace: alternative, pop, and experimental.
Although it may not be typically within the borders of my musical taste and I may have a certain weakness for the band because of Sofie and Anders, I still do enjoy the experimentality (so to say) and the bohemian girlishness/princess-ity that Sofie sometimes adds to it, and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Lemony Snicket-like gloominess that are also present every now and then (just watch the video for “Circus”, and poof! there it is, the stuff I’m talking about).
They’re making a new record, thus there are a few pre-master tracks up on their profile.

Mames Babegenush
Mames Babegenush is a band playing Balkan folk music – but consisting of Danish musicians. This is the kind of music I never thought I’d enjoy listen to for long, but somehow I’m drawn to it again and again.

The Top 5 most played on my portable music player is as of right now:
Actually, they’re just the same as last week…:
1. A-Gusta (Safri Duo)
2. Snakefood (Safri Duo)
3. Samb-Adagio (Safri Duo)
4. Take Me To That Place (KEFAS)
5. I Got Joy (KEFAS)

Just to amuse you (or is it myself?…), here are the most played songs on my portable player right now (BESIDES Safri Duo and KEFAS!):
1. Slow Me Down (Emmy Rossum)
2. Teardrop (LP Version) (Massive Attack)
3. Canto Alla Vita (Josh Groban/The Corrs)
4. Stay (Emmy Rossum)
5. Beep (Pussycat Dolls)

Got any reactions? Suggestions? Requests? Comment away!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Myrtonos
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 07:34:20

    Suze Rotolo, Joan Baez, Maja Toudal

    Maja Toudal aka TheAnMish has also proclaimed many times that she has aspergers syndrome. As it happens, Bob Dylan is a singer songwriter is often included in lists of famous people with or suspected to have AS.
    I believe there may be a number of parallels between Maja and the young Bob. To give you a clue, Dylan only had (I believe) two girlfriends before his marriage to Sara Lowdness, and and I don’t believe that either of them were exacly normal either, but I’m not quite sure. Have you seen either don’t look back and/or No Dircetion home, and if so, did Dylan seem to be a “clear case.”


    • Unna
      Jan 06, 2012 @ 02:11:19

      I know, I follow both of her channels on YouTube and know her from real life.

      I never really was that into Bob Dylan. Not that I don’t like his music, but I was never really hooked. I haven’t seen either, so I can’t really make a clear call on whether or not he seems to be, as you say it, a “clear case”.


  2. Myrtonos
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 13:03:48

    Well, do you know any Dylan fans? By the way I forgot to link to his website, and anyone can join the Dylan community. Even Maja could join.


    • Unna
      Jan 06, 2012 @ 16:22:44

      Not off of the top of my head, no. But I’ll leave the links here for anyone who comes by! Thanks!

      I’ll leave it up to Maja whether or not she wants to join. If she’s a fan, she probably already knows about his website and the community there. She is a bright and intelligent woman. 🙂


  3. Myrtonos
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 22:05:12

    I’ll leave it up to Maja whether or not she wants to join. If she’s a fan, she probably already knows about his website and the community there. She is a bright and intelligent woman.

    Of course, I was just saying that anyone can. Who knows if she’s a fan?


  4. myrtonos
    Dec 20, 2015 @ 13:53:56

    It’s been three years since I wrote here, and what I wrote above was really mistaken. Maja doesn’t identify as a musician, and plans to be a psychologist.


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